Our Approach to International Equities

We believe that where dividends grow, share prices follow.

Our research team is tasked with finding those few special businesses that we believe can deliver the most attractive rates of long-term dividend growth for our investors. In doing this we require all the companies we hold to be able to meet the same high hurdle rate, regardless of where it is listed or what sector it happens to fall into.

This high hurdle rate has profound implications.

Firstly, it means we only own the very best companies we can find internationally: those that are the global leaders in their industries, and which have the capacity to compound their dividends at double digit rates far into the future. For a US-based investor, this means no dilution of the high-quality growth characteristics they enjoy from owning US equities. And for us it means our international businesses are highly complementary to those we own in the US.

Secondly, it means we run a highly differentiated portfolio. At the time of writing (July 2024), we have allocated the majority of capital in the portfolio to growing, dividend-paying businesses in the Healthcare and Information Technology sectors, and little to nothing in areas such as Energy, Materials, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Utilities which are the typical hunting ground of our dividend yield focused peers.

Underlying this, one of the cornerstones of our approach is that a company’s destiny is not dependent on where it is listed - what really matters is its ability to drive strong growth in sales, profit, and cashflows through profitable reinvestment. This freedom to stay true to dividend growth –wherever it may be found, means we can focus our time on getting to know those few special businesses that have the potential to drive excess long term returns for our clients.

This is doubly important since research1 shows that stock selection is even more important outside the US, with just 1.41% of companies driving more than 100% of index wealth creation between 1990-2020 (in the US, it was 2.4%). The same piece of work showed that 30% of the top wealth creating equities globally between 1990 and 2020 were listed outside the US. Ergo, you would have increased your chances of outperformance by investing in an actively managed international equity fund.

For example, consider some of the wonderful companies we have invested in as a result of broadening our horizons. Our global research approach drove us to own Dutch lithography champion ASML (10-year dividend growth of 23% p/a), innovative diabetes drug developer Novo Nordisk (10 year dividend growth of 13% p/a) and the premier luxury goods company LVMH (10 year dividend growth of 13% p/a).

This experience is why we would ask you to join hands with us and take the oath of optimism, expand your horizons, and invest with a global mindset.

1 Bessembinder, H., Chen, T. F., Choi, G., & Wei, K. C. J. (2023). Long-Term Shareholder Returns: Evidence from 64,000 Global Stocks. Financial Analysts Journal, 79(3), 33–63. https://doi.org/10.1080/0015198X.2023.2188870


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